Browsing history contains ample information about what is looked up on google. It can really tell you a lot about your child and employees. If you are worried about your children constantly surfing the internet, you might want to know what they look up for. On the contrary, you may want to know what your employees are doing and whether they are using the internet to browse for things relating to office or just misusing it for their own purposes. In this way, you can know a lot about someone.


If you have been thinking about how to track browser history for free, this is the chance to know as in this article today, we are going to be telling you how to do it with the help of an incredible tracking app.


Well! It quite depends on your child’s choice of browsing content on the internet and how much time they invest in it. If you notice that your child is only making use of the internet for academic purposes, or to watch their favorite tv show, you know it is safe.
On the contrary, if you have been observing your child getting phone-addicted and surfing the internet all day long without letting you know what they browse, you might suspect something fishy.

Therefore, children who use the internet for too long, and surf negative content can hamper their mental health to a drastic extent. Children may begin to suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, reduction in eyesight and much more. This is why it is very important to take care of them.


If you are an employer/manager, you will be able to understand how difficult it gets to manage work and employees all at the same time. If you have employees who are loyal and old, you know they are safe for the company but those who are new at work, need to be given special attention to make sure they won’t pose a threat to the venture.

In such a situation, it is important to keep an eye on your employee’s browsing history to monitor their internet activities and make sure that they do not leak any confidential messages or documents of your company. Also, with the help of this, you can make sure that they are doing their job properly and not time passing at office.

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If you want to track someone’s browsing history, it is important that you use a proper track app for this purpose. One of the best app to make use of is Mobile Tracker Free app. Mobile Tracker Free app is one of the best tracking app if you want to monitor your children and keep an eye on your employees.

It helps to record all incoming and outgoing data of the targeted person’s phone to help you help them when in need. In this way you can have all their details and find out what they are up to. This app has a lot of features to offer that range from call logs, to call recording and multimedia app to social media activities. You can use this app freely to track browsing history of a particular person and without much hassle. It also helps you to track browser history for free.


In order to make use of this app, and track browser history for free, you need to download the Mobile Tracker Free app on your phone and set it up instantly. The steps are very easy and it will only take not more than 10 mins for the entire thing to get completed.

Step 1: Check the prerequisites before you prepare to download

If you want to go ahead with the process, please connect your phone to a strong wifi or internet connection so that it doesn’t stop in the middle while you are trying to download it fast. Also, make sure you enable UNKNOWN SOURCES and disable PACKAGE VERIFIER for better functioning of the app.

Step 2: Download and install the app

Now, you must download the app by going to the google page of Mobile Tracker Free app. When you visit the page look for the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. When you tap on it, you will see that the app will start to download on its own inside your phone. When this is done, give it sometime to install on your phone. After this, press OPEN and get inside the app.

Step 3: Configure the app properly

Now that you have downloaded and installed the app you need to only configure it by creating your account/registering in it. If you already have an account from before-hand make sure you press log in and get it done. If you are new to the app, please try and use strong email id and password so that you can prevent the account from all types of hackers and spammers who can be very harmful.

Step 4: Monitor the app because you are all set!

Now you are all set to begin your tracking and you will not have any issues while you use it because everything is pretty easy in here. You can choose features that you want to use and monitor your children and keep an eye on your employees. It is that simple.

This is how the Mobile Tracker Free app proves to be incredible and works best for everyone who is willing to take up work. It is also woven with great features that will assure you to have a good time tracking your loved ones and making sure they are fine and well-protected.

You can also use this app to keep an eye on your employees and make sure that your employees are doing their work correctly and adhering to the rules of their venture. This is very important if you want to run a company that is disciplined and renowned.