The Best Free Parental Control Software 2019

Parental Control Software While mobile phones provide a series of benefits to every user, it also has its own set of disadvantages at the same time. Mobile phones are most used among teenagers today for different purposes. From chatting with friends to clicking pictures and so much more. However, many times we notice that teenagers tend to misuse these devices and also sometimes get threatened by strangers.

Parental Control




Teenagers sometimes get used to consuming bad content in the device that can completely result in hampering the teenager’s mental and emotional growth. This of course is a serious issue which is in turn affecting parents by all means. Parents these days are excessively worried about their children using such devices for different reasons that may cause a negative impact upon them and their mental health.


This is why it becomes important to use spy apps that help parents take a peek inside their child’s life silently, to make sure that they consume positive content, make proper use of their devices and also keep themselves protected. When parents use spy apps, they will make sure that no amount of problem is able to touch their child’s life and they can prevent all of them on time. The need for spy apps, begins from here.


Monitoring Software / Monitoring apps are those that help you track a particular phone and view their device and everything recorded inside. The person whose phone is being targeted does not get notified as this takes place secretly. In this way those who are worried about their children and about the kind of content that the child is encountering, they can easily use this app to build a safe and protected environment for their kids in case of any problem, they can help them out.


Not all spy apps are reliable as some of them do not provide all the information and leads to problems whereas spy apps like Mobile tracker Free supply a very effective and efficient method of getting into a targeted phone and deriving all the information in it. This spy app is one of the best free parental control software that provides free services to those in need. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and 100% dependable.

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Given below is a list of 5 features that will help you to understand the benefits of this free parental control app while in use.


Children spend more time in texting than talking on phone. Therefore, with the help of Mobile tracker, one can easily take a peek inside their SMS/MMS both the ones they receive and send. In this way, you can ensure if the kind of people they talk to are reliable and the contents they view are safe.

You might be worried about your child constantly interacting with a particular person on call whom he does not want to tell you about. You might panic and be stressed about the identity of this person and if he or she is reliable enough to keep your child interacting with them. In such a case, Mobile tracker can help you track their calls both outgoing and incoming, so that you are notified constantly about the details of the caller and the conversations they exchange.

If your child loves going out and doesn’t tell you about where they go and who they interact with, Mobile tracker can help you know everything. With the help of GPS location feature, you can easily track your child and the places they visit without them having to know that you are being informed. In this way, you can also go find them if they get lost someday.Parental Control 1
People tend to click selfies and upload photos wherever they go. Its something everyone does. This is most normal among teenagers and youngsters who love clicking pictures and storing photographs in their device. In case you want to check upon the kind of photos that they store, you can easily do so with the help of Mobile tracker. This free parental control app helps you view all the recorded photos in the device and help you understand if your child is safe, and using his phone in the correct manner.

Contacts help you to take a peek inside your child’s phone and the kind of people they maintain contact with. If you are worried about your child maintain contact with people they shouldn’t, you may make use of this app to view contacts that will help you find out everything about your child especially the people that they talk to.

We hope that these features will help you to understand whether this app is beneficial enough for you or not. Mobile Tracker free application will help you view each and every detail of the targeted device and the person using it. This app is a free parental control app and has a parental control software free download to help you do things according to your comfort.

10 Important Tips For Employee Productivity Tracking

Employee Productivity undergo a strenuous time but the labour enhances when the company hires employees who are clumsy, defiant and indiscipline. How they have to endure those tirelessly difficult people and their excuses. This is what takes away the life of an employer who is even unable to enjoy time with family and friends. What a pressure!


How do they cope with this stress? Are they looking for something that can help them to decrease their pressure alongside increasing employee productivity? If you are an employer, and constantly surfing the internet to help you find tips for employee productivity tracking, Congratulations! You have finally come to the right place.

Why Is Employee Productivity Important?

Employee productivity can help you in many ways. It is extremely crucial as it helps to make your business better. When you strategize to increase employee productivity you are finding means to make the team more disciplined, effective and efficient. Employee productivity also helps to benefit customers in a number of ways because they get their work on time, receive work in perfection and work with a team of expert employees that benefits them business as well. When you work towards the employee productivity and make sure that the work that comes to the clients is thoroughly perfect, it also helps to increase the revenue of the company and in turn enables the popularity of the same.

Mobile Tracker Free: A Means To Increase Employee Productivity

When you look for increasing employee productivity the first app that comes to our mind is Mobile Tracker Free app. The app is a monitoring software that enables you to understand the importance of tracking employees and serves as the most important tip for employee productivity tracking. The app records all incoming and outgoing cell phone and computer activities of an employee to make sure that they are working in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations and not merely killing time.

What Are The Tips For Employee Productivity Tracking That You Can Try With The Help Of Mobile Tracker Free?

Having a bunch of employees to work for the venture is not the big deal today but finding efficient ones and managing them like one whole disciplined army sure is. Once you get hold of your employees and their truth, you can easily compel them to become more productive and benefit the company enormously. If you are yearning to increase employee productivity amidst your employees, here are a bunch of tips for employee productivity tracking.

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1. Aim to accomplish results instead of hours
Employees often fool their employers by attempting to remain in office for hours on end while the work produced is neither quantitative nor qualitative. This can be extremely annoying as ‘having an army is of no use if they are not accessing their weapons correctly. ‘In order to eradicate this problem, you might ask your employees to produce qualitative work for your clients that can enable you to produce work that has high-end services to provide and the capability to produce good amount of revenue for the company. At the end of the day, your clients are not interested in the number of hours your employees remain at office but how they cater to their needs.

2. Monitor employee functioning
This is probably the most effective method via which you can increase productivity. When you focus on monitoring your employee functioning, you can record all incoming and outgoing cell phone activities of them to record whether they are functioning properly during their office hours or not.

One such app that focuses to accomplish this goal is Mobile Tracker Free app that enables you to monitor employee functioning just efficiently.

3. Indulge in effective communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in the construction of an ideal business relationship between employer and his employees. As an employer, if you indulge in sharing your aspirations and the company’s goals via a strong and effective communicative session regularly, it will only enable your employees to understand the policies better, get more comfortable with the company and share honest reviews with one another.

4. Let quality do the talking
Quality or quantity? Of course, quality, isn’t it? Make sure you train your employees to produce qualitative work for their clients instead of focusing to deliver quantity. Clients love perfection because they are seeking help for themselves. When you produce perfection over abundance with no perfection, you know which one they will choose.

5. Appreciate your employees to stimulate their passion towards your company
No one likes to give and give with the least expectation of receiving returns. Your employees work for you every day and compel themselves to construct ideal work for your clients. Wouldn’t it be a humble idea to felicitate them, pay words of gratitude or simply compliment their work every once in a while? If you think this will not work, maybe you should practice it once. This will encourage them to perform better in order to gain more appreciations.


6. Keep a check on the daily produce
Make sure you keep a check on the daily work that your employees are doing so that you have an idea of the goal accomplished and the work that is yet to be done. This will help you to understand how effectively your employees are working and whether the work that is being submitted to the clients is being given properly or not.

7. Keep goals clear and focused
When the goal is clear and on point, it is easier to achieve it. Make sure that you have a very neat image of your goal and discuss it correctly with your employees so that they can function towards achieving it for you. This will enable you to expand your business in the right manner and also stimulate your employees to work towards it. This helps clients to be more efficient and removes the clumsiness of learning about the goal to achieve it. It is all set and there.

8. Extract the excess
Try and assign employees with work that are more important than those that are not. Cut out the excess for them so that they do not feel lazy to complete quantity over quality. Let them be at peace of mind and produce proper work for you. This will also save their energy and speed that usually drains out due to working excessively.

9. Encourage feedback sessions
Apart from effective communication and sharing goals appropriately, feedback session should be encouraged too. Such sessions help employees to understand, recognise and realise the different mistakes they make, how they can improvise their work and work towards the betterment of the company by polishing their skills alongside. This removes the hassle of employees trying to figure out what they lack. Such feedback sessions are a great source of help for people in large amounts.

10. Decrease the work load every once in a while
Another effective method of increasing employee productivity is to decrease the work load ‘every once in a while’ that could be a cause of great annoyance and laziness amidst employees who are already too loaded with work. This enables them to energise, increase their speed and boost their passion to perform better.

Mobile Tracker Free is a wonderful app that has a plethora of features to serve to you. These features can act as a great way of increasing employee productivity so make sure you cater to it.