Fleet Management: Drive Your Fleet Smartly

Take the case of Kellie Raegan from Ohio. The fleet manager faced a tough challenge getting insights from the daily reports submitted by the shift supervisors working under him. In order to alleviate the challenge and get better visibility from the diverse data captured through the fleet of vehicles at his organization, he opted to go for a fleet management solution. Within a month, he could see tangible growth in business process efficiencies that led to the positive impact on business bottom lines. This is the impact that can be generated by a robust and scalable fleet management mobile app.


With the right set of features, an app can help turbocharge fleet management operations like never before. Be it vehicles or personnel management, a mobile app provides real-time updates about fleet movement so that fleet owners can optimize operations, bring down cost overheads, and maximize productivity.

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The Advantages of Using Mobile Technology in Fleet Management

Mobile devices, already universally used in today’s times, will be the exclusive way through which drivers will manage their fleet tasks in the next few years. Smartphones can be used to report mileage, trip details, the location of the vehicles, finding customers and vendors, etc. This vital information will, in turn, be of immense benefit to fleet operators to manage their business in a streamlined manner and improve the productivity of its personnel and the longevity of its vehicles.

Telematic devices are prime mobile adaptive technologies that enable fleet owners and operators to be more profitable by reducing operations cost. Telematic devices nowadays can be accessed through mobile-based apps that help the drivers and owners make their tasks easier. Being a two-way communication platform, telematic devices also offer fleet management businesses with the following benefits.

  1. Mechanical Data
    Fleet owners can use telematic solutions on their mobile to track their business activities from anywhere in the world. They also get instant notifications on the technical aspects of the vehicle in order to arrive at decisions in a much faster manner.
  2. Faster Casualty Response
    A mobile app based fleet management solution will provide a real-time alert of an unfortunate accident to the vehicle. In this scenario, fleet business owners will be better equipped to make the necessary arrangements to provide an alternative so that the customer is not put at an inconvenience. Accessing data from other vehicles nearby will enable faster response and action to the casualty.
  3. Increased Data Credibility
    Data, once fed into the system, will remain forever and will avoid duplication or manipulation. These mobile apps minimize human error and make the process accurate. Past and present data will help give leading indicators to business owners to streamline operations better.
  4. Vehicle MaintenanceWith access to essential data of all the vehicles, fleet management owners or operators can inspect their vehicle’s well-being in a simpler and effective way. Assessing the present condition of the vehicle and scheduling maintenance checkup can be done beforehand to improve the longevity of the vehicle. Operators can also plan to acquire new fleet to replace the old ones in a timely manner, and thus keep operations in top shape.
  5. Convenient
    Mobile apps have eased out the hassles of carrying laptops or setting up desktops to execute tasks. Drivers tend to gain a lot from the mobile-based fleet management app. From legal paperwork to documents related to the cargo, they can access anything by just a few scrolls from their smart devices. This allows the driver to focus on the journey rather than being overwhelmed by technology.
  6. Digital Documentation
    Drivers can provide their work schedule information via the app that will help operators to plan better. Information like the start time of the journey, driving hours, delivery time, and other vital data for the smooth running of the business can be obtained without involving paper and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with just a touch of a finger.
  7. Streamlined Operation
    With the fleet management mobile-based app connected to a centralized system, all business-related activities become well organized and easy to access. Business inquiries, service quotations, delivery documentation, delivery details, payment invoicing, details of vehicles and employees can be accessed in one place without having to go through many papers. It also eliminates data duplication or omission risk and enables drivers to deliver a better user experience to passengers.
  8. Digital TrailMobile-based fleet management apps provide better coordination with the field staff which is important for accountability and reporting. Important documentation required at every step of the trip is stored at one place online, enabling real-time communication with the fleet’s drivers and customers for smooth delivery of goods. Digital data also helps businesses pinpoint areas of concerns and enables them to find profitable solutions.
  9. Personnel Training
    Mobile-based fleet management apps collect every detail related to the driver and personnel. This gives managers the ability to better organize the workforce as per the operational requirement. Driver’s duration of work, as well as driving behavior, can be assessed with the use of this data to improve productivity and help the passengers receive a great experience. Also, recruiting a new workforce and carrying out training as per the company’s expectations can be organized using the mobile-based fleet management app.
  10. Better Convergence with Vehicles:
    The apps will deliver multiple advantages like integrating important vehicle data like mileage, performance, location, health checks, etc. wirelessly with the mobile device. This, in turn, will be useful for fleet business managers to plan and operate better their fleet and customers.

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Parting Thoughts

These advantages aptly show why a fleet management mobile app would be a competitive differentiator and take a fleet management business to the next level of efficiency. Seemingly unrelated data points like patterns for accidents and time took to complete the journey on such routes can come together with a well-designed app, which in turn, powers up analytics and insights. This can help companies plan and optimize their routes better