Most Effective Features In The Cell Tracker App

Cell tracker can handle you the track for your target device. You are going to be astonished by the huge number of features that the app can handle for you. Like that, you have to do is to install in the target phone and you will get the best-detailed tracking for your device for sure.

Cell Tracker

The Best Parental Control For Your Kids

The cell tracker can handle anything you want to know about your kids. You will even get coordinates of the locations where your kid is too. Truth be told, you can easily find him and know with whom he is in real-time. Accordingly, you can shape his behaviour and make him always protection from danger too. You can even know any contact added to their list.

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Track Mobile Locations for Multiple Goals

In fact, you can track your lost device too using a cell tracker app. You can use the phone tracking app for multiple tasks as you see. You are going to find your mobile phone or any other device in which the app is installed easily. The monitoring interface has detailed tracking to your mobile. You can easily find its locations. Moreover, you will even have a virtual map that can serve as a great visualization for your mobile location too.

In addition to that, the cell tracker app can handle you great tools to gps track your employees too if you run a business. Accordingly, you can check whether they are committed to their work or not. Cell tracker is a great location spy too for many goals.

Data Privacy

The data sent to the online database of the company which developed the app. No one can deny that the data and information are super protected. This is thanks to the encrypted algorithm used before storing the data in our databases for sure.

Optimized User Experience

Actually, you can update the information that you see in the monitoring Interface. As a matter of fact, you can even delete the whole account if you want. Like that, it will be vanished forever from online storage.

The Most Accurate GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is also a great advantage in the cell tracker app. Actually, you can easily find the details about each location shared in the social media used by your kid for instance. We are talking about all the common social media today. From Facebook to Snapchat, the app can easily and immediately share the location with you in the online account. As a result, you can bring any detail related to your kids easily thanks to the cell tracker app.

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Call Tracking

In addition to that, you can track each call coming or going from your target phone app. All that you have to do is watch anything related to WhatsAppFacebookSnapchat, Viber or any kind of social media too. Even the media shared through those social media can be seen easily in your monitoring interface too. In the end, we can confirm for you that the app has a massive echo in the world parental control today. This is due to the additional features added b the company in a very permanent way. You will be fascinated about what the app can do for your life routine with your kids. Your mission of protecting your kid will be much easier without any small doubt. In the next posts, we will talk even more about some unique features which the best phone tracker can do. The control of your kids is much handy and easier like never before.

Difference Between Recreational/Professional GPS

Professional GPS

Professional GPS is everywhere — just look around and you will find GPS in your friend’s phone, your cousin’s smartwatch, your uncle’s car and maybe his boss’s shoes or jacket. Given the large number of smart devices easily available in the market today — some of them costing barely $100 — selecting the right product can be tricky. However, the good news is that these devices come under the recreational GPS grade and are in no way even close to the professional-grade. So, what is the difference between professional and recreational GPS? Let’s find out.


Recreational GPS is easily available in devices sold at most electronics and sports goods stores. These are e also widely available e-commerce sites. These devices are the least expensive and are generally accurate to within +/- 25 feet (7.6 meters). On the other hand, mapping or survey-grade GPS receivers, or simply professional GPS receivers, are sold by high-end and licensed resellers. These receivers are less user-friendly and cost significantly more.


As their names suggest, recreational and professional GPS units are planned, designed and built for different purposes. A recreational GPS unit is essentially designed to get a basic location without the need for very high accuracy. For instance, the GPS on your smartphone often takes you to a building a few meters from your desired location. Even though recreational products are not specifically designed for GIS mapping, they can be used successfully in some applications.

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Most GIS users need extremely accurate placement of features, often within a meter or less so that data layers can be overlaid and intricate spatial relationships can be determined. Professional or Survey grade GPS are accurate to within a centimeter and are used primarily by professional surveyors. These excel in high accuracy measurements of fixed positions.


A device with a recreational GPS grade is available for anything between $100 and $500. On the other hand, mapping grade GPS generally come in the $1,000 to $3,000 range. The most expensive category of GPS, survey-grade, includes devices that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Mapping grade GPS receivers are mostly used by government agencies, researchers and other users who require accurate and dependable coordinate fixes.

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Data quality and other factors

The ability to determine the quality of data is provided by professional GPS units, which in a way allow users to control the accuracy of the position points. Through a simple interface, users can establish specific thresholds for acceptable data quality. A user can choose the number of satellites and position above the horizon needed to achieve a certain degree of accuracy. The quality control settings let the user to filter out poor data that may degrade the overall quality.

When shopping for a GPS unit, a user must assess a receiver against his project and GIS application requirements. There are significant differences between recreational and professional-grade GPS receivers, which are designed and built for different purposes.

Hottest Location Marketing Trends to Watch out for

Marketing Trends Location-based marketing is one of the emerging techniques that use a person’s location to offer him customized, real-time offers, thus leading to both enhanced customer experience and more visibility for the advertisers. With the help of geolocation and geofencing, users are provided relevant notifications at the right place and the right time. Proper authentication and contextualization of location data are also essential along with geolocation for targetted marketing. The location-based services market size was valued at $23.74 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach $157.34 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 27.1%. Let’s look at some of the major location marketing trends.

Marketing Trends

Augmented Location

Notifications to potential customers cannot be location agnostic. It has to be with a strong location context and keeping in mind the current online preference of the users and that they are mostly on the move. Simply pinpointing a location, based on maximum visits or chosen favorites, is no longer the right way to go.

Location-based augmented reality gives app developers the opportunity to engage with the users in a highly interactive and thrilling way. In place of the conventional feeds and display, what the user will see on the screen would be most pertinent to his current location.

It is expected that in a few years augmented location will take mobile marketing by a storm and transform the segment through the judicious mix of problem-solving, contextualization, salience and customization.

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Mobile app localization

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach anywhere, and the same goes for marketing strategies and campaigns. Localization means customizing mobile apps in vernaculars so that they can have a greater reach. As per surveys around 90% of mobile phone activities, these days are through apps and localization is a crucial strategy in widening the reach. In the future companies will invest more in app localization for better customer experience and tapping into different markets. Localization also offers higher ROI (Return on investment) and more visibility on the app store.

Beacon Technology

Though Beacon technology is not a new innovation, its utility is fast gaining pace. The installed beacon transmits messages to smartphones using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some of the biggest brands are capitalizing on it for targeted marketing, understanding customer behavior and preparing effective brand strategies. It also offers additional opportunities: customer mapping, tracking, cross-selling, relative targeting.  Beacons are poised to change the face of proximity marketing.

The correct deployment of beacons provides a competitive edge over rivals and addresses customer demands. For instance, a large store could confuse and misguide customers, as they may not know where to start and where to find what. Beacons will help enable them to navigate in a hassle-free manner. Also, particular store segments where customers tend to devote most time and transactions can be easily identified and other relevant details can be fetched.

Hyperlocal Marketing

As the name implies, hyperlocal marketing refers to targetting customers within specific geographical limits or a selected area with the help of location intelligence. It is proving to be a beneficial strategy for marketers as it enables them to relay targeted messages to a set of customers at any given time and location. However, one of the downside in hyperlocal marketing could be a lot of spam content and sub-par user interface. The problem of spam can be addressed by enhanced functionality and giving customers the liberty to decide whether they want to discontinue receiving notifications.  Marketers are experimenting with alternative ways that would help them stay ahead of the curve and get a grip on customer demands.

The Best Free Parental Control Software 2019

Parental Control Software While mobile phones provide a series of benefits to every user, it also has its own set of disadvantages at the same time. Mobile phones are most used among teenagers today for different purposes. From chatting with friends to clicking pictures and so much more. However, many times we notice that teenagers tend to misuse these devices and also sometimes get threatened by strangers.

Parental Control




Teenagers sometimes get used to consuming bad content in the device that can completely result in hampering the teenager’s mental and emotional growth. This of course is a serious issue which is in turn affecting parents by all means. Parents these days are excessively worried about their children using such devices for different reasons that may cause a negative impact upon them and their mental health.


This is why it becomes important to use spy apps that help parents take a peek inside their child’s life silently, to make sure that they consume positive content, make proper use of their devices and also keep themselves protected. When parents use spy apps, they will make sure that no amount of problem is able to touch their child’s life and they can prevent all of them on time. The need for spy apps, begins from here.


Monitoring Software / Monitoring apps are those that help you track a particular phone and view their device and everything recorded inside. The person whose phone is being targeted does not get notified as this takes place secretly. In this way those who are worried about their children and about the kind of content that the child is encountering, they can easily use this app to build a safe and protected environment for their kids in case of any problem, they can help them out.


Not all spy apps are reliable as some of them do not provide all the information and leads to problems whereas spy apps like Mobile tracker Free supply a very effective and efficient method of getting into a targeted phone and deriving all the information in it. This spy app is one of the best free parental control software that provides free services to those in need. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and 100% dependable.

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Given below is a list of 5 features that will help you to understand the benefits of this free parental control app while in use.


Children spend more time in texting than talking on phone. Therefore, with the help of Mobile tracker, one can easily take a peek inside their SMS/MMS both the ones they receive and send. In this way, you can ensure if the kind of people they talk to are reliable and the contents they view are safe.

You might be worried about your child constantly interacting with a particular person on call whom he does not want to tell you about. You might panic and be stressed about the identity of this person and if he or she is reliable enough to keep your child interacting with them. In such a case, Mobile tracker can help you track their calls both outgoing and incoming, so that you are notified constantly about the details of the caller and the conversations they exchange.

If your child loves going out and doesn’t tell you about where they go and who they interact with, Mobile tracker can help you know everything. With the help of GPS location feature, you can easily track your child and the places they visit without them having to know that you are being informed. In this way, you can also go find them if they get lost someday.Parental Control 1
People tend to click selfies and upload photos wherever they go. Its something everyone does. This is most normal among teenagers and youngsters who love clicking pictures and storing photographs in their device. In case you want to check upon the kind of photos that they store, you can easily do so with the help of Mobile tracker. This free parental control app helps you view all the recorded photos in the device and help you understand if your child is safe, and using his phone in the correct manner.

Contacts help you to take a peek inside your child’s phone and the kind of people they maintain contact with. If you are worried about your child maintain contact with people they shouldn’t, you may make use of this app to view contacts that will help you find out everything about your child especially the people that they talk to.

We hope that these features will help you to understand whether this app is beneficial enough for you or not. Mobile Tracker free application will help you view each and every detail of the targeted device and the person using it. This app is a free parental control app and has a parental control software free download to help you do things according to your comfort.


Browsing history contains ample information about what is looked up on google. It can really tell you a lot about your child and employees. If you are worried about your children constantly surfing the internet, you might want to know what they look up for. On the contrary, you may want to know what your employees are doing and whether they are using the internet to browse for things relating to office or just misusing it for their own purposes. In this way, you can know a lot about someone.


If you have been thinking about how to track browser history for free, this is the chance to know as in this article today, we are going to be telling you how to do it with the help of an incredible tracking app.


Well! It quite depends on your child’s choice of browsing content on the internet and how much time they invest in it. If you notice that your child is only making use of the internet for academic purposes, or to watch their favorite tv show, you know it is safe.
On the contrary, if you have been observing your child getting phone-addicted and surfing the internet all day long without letting you know what they browse, you might suspect something fishy.

Therefore, children who use the internet for too long, and surf negative content can hamper their mental health to a drastic extent. Children may begin to suffer from anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, reduction in eyesight and much more. This is why it is very important to take care of them.


If you are an employer/manager, you will be able to understand how difficult it gets to manage work and employees all at the same time. If you have employees who are loyal and old, you know they are safe for the company but those who are new at work, need to be given special attention to make sure they won’t pose a threat to the venture.

In such a situation, it is important to keep an eye on your employee’s browsing history to monitor their internet activities and make sure that they do not leak any confidential messages or documents of your company. Also, with the help of this, you can make sure that they are doing their job properly and not time passing at office.

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If you want to track someone’s browsing history, it is important that you use a proper track app for this purpose. One of the best app to make use of is Mobile Tracker Free app. Mobile Tracker Free app is one of the best tracking app if you want to monitor your children and keep an eye on your employees.

It helps to record all incoming and outgoing data of the targeted person’s phone to help you help them when in need. In this way you can have all their details and find out what they are up to. This app has a lot of features to offer that range from call logs, to call recording and multimedia app to social media activities. You can use this app freely to track browsing history of a particular person and without much hassle. It also helps you to track browser history for free.


In order to make use of this app, and track browser history for free, you need to download the Mobile Tracker Free app on your phone and set it up instantly. The steps are very easy and it will only take not more than 10 mins for the entire thing to get completed.

Step 1: Check the prerequisites before you prepare to download

If you want to go ahead with the process, please connect your phone to a strong wifi or internet connection so that it doesn’t stop in the middle while you are trying to download it fast. Also, make sure you enable UNKNOWN SOURCES and disable PACKAGE VERIFIER for better functioning of the app.

Step 2: Download and install the app

Now, you must download the app by going to the google page of Mobile Tracker Free app. When you visit the page look for the DOWNLOAD NOW button and tap on it. When you tap on it, you will see that the app will start to download on its own inside your phone. When this is done, give it sometime to install on your phone. After this, press OPEN and get inside the app.

Step 3: Configure the app properly

Now that you have downloaded and installed the app you need to only configure it by creating your account/registering in it. If you already have an account from before-hand make sure you press log in and get it done. If you are new to the app, please try and use strong email id and password so that you can prevent the account from all types of hackers and spammers who can be very harmful.

Step 4: Monitor the app because you are all set!

Now you are all set to begin your tracking and you will not have any issues while you use it because everything is pretty easy in here. You can choose features that you want to use and monitor your children and keep an eye on your employees. It is that simple.

This is how the Mobile Tracker Free app proves to be incredible and works best for everyone who is willing to take up work. It is also woven with great features that will assure you to have a good time tracking your loved ones and making sure they are fine and well-protected.

You can also use this app to keep an eye on your employees and make sure that your employees are doing their work correctly and adhering to the rules of their venture. This is very important if you want to run a company that is disciplined and renowned.

Tracking Your Steps? You’re a Gamer Now

Let’s go back to the halcyon days of July 2016, when “Pokémon Go” was thrust into the world and throngs of people went outside just to catch ’em all. Am I dating myself? Because while I have no idea what goes down over at the PokéStop near my house, it’s been three years since it appeared, and it’s still as buzzy as ever. While it would be easy to assume the people playing are all young gamers, that would be largely off base. After all, “gamer” is actually a broad demographic.

Tracking Your Steps? You’re a Gamer Now

Gamification expert Yu-kai Chou explains in his Ted Talk that “the average gamer is actually 35 years old.” According to Chou, almost 70 percent of gamers are over age 18, and almost half are women. If you consider app games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds, the demographic gets even bigger. So chances are you, too, are a gamer. In fact, many companies in the fitness industry are banking on the fact that everyone is a gamer to lure us into long-term exercise (and memberships).

Gamification of fitness is nothing new — except now there are more ways to play

Gamification is the practice of introducing gaming elements, such as story plots, point systems, and sharing stats, into a task that already exists in a non-game form. From a historical standpoint, the gamification of fitness started with the foot races of the 776 BC Olympics. So maybe we’re a little late on the uptake here… but since we’re living in an app world, there’s a way to make exercise fun for literally anyone.

Take a look at “Zombies, Run!,” which has over four million downloads. The app narrates a story in which users are among the few to have survived a zombie apocalypse and are trying to navigate to humanity’s last remaining outposts. They gather supplies along the way and are sometimes chased by zombies (which, understandably, encourages users to run faster). Users can track their runs and share their progress with others.

I may not run to catch a legendary Pokémon, but would I run to survive, even in a fictional world? At least once.

For those who think zombies are overrated, the same team who made “Zombies, Run!” partnered with the National Health Service and the UK’s Department of Health to create a spy thriller game called “The Walk.” This game appeals to us in the same way that binge-watching TV does. The idea is that instead of thinking “Just one more episode,” users will think “Maybe just one more quick walk” so they can participate in more of the story.

In these examples, physical fitness is a pleasant side effect but not the main attraction of the app (at least not as the user perceives it).

Bootcamps have gotten on the gamification train, too

It’s also human nature to be motivated by real-life competition, which is why gamified classes like Orangetheory Fitness and NYC’s SWERVE Fitness have also become popular.

Orangetheory displays each participant’s name on a digital screen, along with calories burned and the percentage of their maximum heart rate at which they’re working. During my first class there, I did find it a bit embarrassing to have my name displayed for all to see.

Garner Pilat, an ACSM exercise physiologist and Orangetheory coach, explains how she sees it motivating people: “[The screen] holds you that much more accountable while you are working out. It’s almost like instant gratification when you earn a splat point (what we call it when you spend 1 minute in the orange or red zone).”

At the end of the class, everyone’s stats are displayed, but the results are alphabetical and not ranked by performance. Regardless of any minor embarrassment I may have felt in that first class, I returned for round two, motivated to “beat” my earlier score.

“Being able to see your progress within the hour and over time is definitely one of my favorite features [of Orangetheory],” says Pilat.

SWERVE cycling classes are for those who enjoy working in teams and don’t want to share their personal stats with a roomful of strangers. Each class is divided into three teams. While you can see your personal metrics displayed on your bike, the teams’ overall scores are shown on screens in the room. One team wins at the end of class.

These classes work for two reasons: They’re upbeat, energetic, and fun, and people can track their results and see immediate and long-term improvements.

How does gamification work?

Chou explains that for gamification to be successful, it has to “motivate our core drives.” He defines the eight core drives as:

  • meaning
  • accomplishment
  • ownership
  • scarcity
  • avoidance
  • unpredictability
  • social influence
  • empowerment

For the fitness world, Chou found “development and accomplishment” to be especially motivating. This means that humans are driven to work harder by the feeling that they’re improving in the short term.

He uses the example of the Nike+ Nike Fuel Band (this theory also extends to Orangetheory and Swerve). What the Nike+ (and other similar apps) do well is celebrate the small milestones, such as the fact that you’ve run a mile farther this week than last week or burned more calories today than yesterday.

“We all know that health and exercise is very important,” Chou says, “but health is a long-term thing and our brains are terrible at processing long-term benefits. We like short-term gratifications.”

Tangible gratifications, like the rush of a new purchase or the first bite of a cupcake, keep people hooked.

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Ultimately, games have rewards — so what are the rewards of gamified fitness?

Jemir Martinez of Fit by July in Greenwich, Connecticut, explains that when his program added actual prizes to its gamification model, clients saw even greater results.

“For the last two months we have held a competition to see who can get the most [points] in one month. The prizes have included free swag, like leggings or hoodies, or free personal training sessions. Prior to these competitions, users would get around 700 to 800 [points] a month. Now, users are getting at least 1,000.”

Pilat echoed this sentiment when explaining that Orangetheory points spike when the studios hold contests, including one that gives members the chance to win $500.

“There are different prizes from studio to studio,” she says, “but it’s amazing how much more motivated members are when there is a small prize to earn on top of their bragging rights!”

To put it simply: If the points you accumulate have no real value, users are likely to eventually think they are, well, pointless.

In 2008, Disney tried to gamify productivity among employees who did laundry. The company introduced an electronic tracking system that logged daily progress and then displayed the results on a giant leaderboard. If you were on target with management’s goals, your name was displayed in green. Your name was displayed in yellow if you’d started to slow and in red if you were behind management’s goals.

Unsurprisingly, many employees didn’t enjoy this system and began to refer to it as the “electronic whip.”

The same can be said of fitness gamification: If the sole purpose of an app or a class is to get results, without being engaging or fun, it will likely fail.

But the gamification of fitness isn’t going anywhere

A 2017 report found that there were 318,000 health and fitness apps available for download. How many of them are game-based is unknown, and the jury is still out on how effective these apps will ultimately be, but one thing remains clear in this report: In 10 years, they’ll be mainstream vehicles for “delivering human health.”

Since the prices of gyms, especially in densely populated cities, can be prohibitive, it’s no wonder fitness apps are so popular. But with the rise of e-trainers and gamification apps, in-person instructors have also found it hard to maintain work.

Madison Chappell created an app, FitNFlow, to address the concerns of instructors who were losing work to live virtual classes or fitness technology like the Peloton bike.

“[When live classes and] video streaming services surfaced, freelancing instructors were already dealing with constant last-minute cancellations and price negotiations. Now that these services have surfaced and cost a very low amount, clients have become even more hyper-focused on price,” Chappell says.

“I myself have been told, ‘Ican just watch a free YouTube video yoga class, so why should I give you $40 to do the same thing?’ This worries me because yoga instructors and personal trainers are highly trained in their practice to be able to adjust the class to each individual body. Doing it alone can cause serious injuries and isn’t nearly as effective as having an instructor there to motivate, guide you, and push you to improve.”

Chappell calls FitNFlow the “Uber of yoga,” where yoga instructors can create a profile and customers can book a yoga instructor at the time and place they want. It works off the core drive Chou would call “social influence.” Users split the cost of a class among however many participants there are (so if you invite six friends to a $30 class, each friend pays only $5).

As for leaderboard scoring? Chappell doesn’t focus on that.

“At FitNFlow, we don’t want to focus too much on individual performance. Social experience helps immensely with motivation, so we want to encourage that as well as [highlight] the hours of classes taken so they can see how far they’ve come.”

So even FitNFlow, which was built to address some of the shortcomings of gamification apps, uses its own spin on gamification to keep users coming back. Looks like gamification is here to stay, folks.

Best Employee Location Tracking System To Use In 2019

If you have an efficient employee, you are lucky, if not, you have an additional duty. At times, you might notice your employees lying to you about coming late to office because they met with a slight accident, family was unwell and blah, blah, blah! It doesn’t end anywhere.

Location Tracking

But you can’t give this excuse to your clients and ask them to pardon your employees because all that they will really do, is probably get up and leave. You will totally get the picture if you are an employer and this article is for you today!

What do you do when your employees are not deadline-driven and often arrive late at office? Do you wish you had your hands on a stunning employee tracking system that could be used to detect all their lies and watch out on them? In this article, you will find all your happiness as we bring to you the Best employee location tracking system to use in 2019.

How can employee location tracking help construct employee productivity?

An employee location tracking will enable you to construct employee productivity in a multitude of ways. When you begin to track the GPS location of your employees, they will no longer be successful in lying to you about leaving home early but reaching office late due to stressful traffic jams across the place or even make excuses about anything.

Eventually, as soon as they lie, you will catch them and be able to show them that they are being monitored. This will make them more vigilant and enhance the fear of working in a dignified office space where discipline, time management and deadline-driven work plays key role. This will compel them to arrive at office early and work efficiently, cater to deadlines and submit work on time.

Which is the Best employee location tracking system to use in 2019?

There is a plethora of employee location tracking system to use in 2019 but the best one has to be Mobile Tracker Free App.

Mobile Tracker Free app is a wonderful monitoring software that records all incoming and outgoing cell phone activities of a person that is being targeted. So, when you target your employees, you will be able to locate their location with the help of this app. It is hence smart, instant and efficient.

It also provides convenience as you can conveniently track your employee’s location from anywhere in the world, only once you have a hold on their phone through this app.

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How to use the best employee location tracking system in 2019?

Now that you know Mobile Tracker Free app is the best employee location tracking system in 2019, you must also know how you can download it so that you are able to monitor it carefully. Given below are a few steps that might help you to do this successfully.

1. Pre-install the app correctly

Before you install the app, you need to prepare it for a quick download so that no amount of disturbance occurs while you work on it. For this, you need to pre-install the app by making sure that the phone you want to use is connected to a strong wi-fi or internet system so that the process does not pause in the middle.
When this happens, you also need to enable unknown sources and disable package verifier for the app to perform better and allow the process to take place. If you are worried about how this might infect your system, then do not stress about it as it does not allow anything to happen to your phone.

2. Download the app and install it

Once you have pre-installed the app correctly by catering to the points given above, you need to move on to download it that is possible by visiting the website of the app Mobile Tracker Free. When you visit the app’s website, you need to search for the download now button and tap on it. This button can be found on the first page of the website itself.

Location Tracking2

Let the download process begin and you can be sure to have it done in a few minutes. When this is over, make sure you move on to installing the app that will happen on its own. Let it happen, and when this is done, press OPEN to get inside the app.

3. Configure the app

When the download and install its over, you may configure the app. Make sure you sign in to create a new account/register, and log in if you have already have an existing account. This is very important so that the app is able to trust you. You also need to provide a good email id and password to the app so that no other person is able to hack it easily. When the configuration process gets over you can easily move on to the monitor the app.

4. Monitor the app now

Now that you have catered to all the processes correctly, you do not need to worry about how you have to monitor the app. Now you can begin to use GPS tracking location and all other features for free in Mobile Tracker App that will help you to track your employees and increase employee productivity too. This can be very useful so make sure you use it properly.

Location Tracking4

Mobile Tracker Free app is one of the best employee monitoring software that can be used to keep an eye on your employees just at your comfort. This will not only help you to track GPS location of your employee but also balance your work correctly. It reduces the pressure of too much work and helps you to be at peace even at office.

It can act as a great assistant that will also help you in making your team more efficient and disciplined in various fields of work. With the help of GPS tracking, your employees will start arriving on time and cater to the deadline driven work appropriately.

How To Track Your Children’s Call For Their Safety

Children are young and innocent. They do not have knowledge about everything around them and thus require parents to help them in every step of their life. At times, it might be difficult for parents to help their children and ensure their safety in person. This can be harmful for the child as they do not have you by their side to make sure that they are safe. In such cases, they might end up doing things that they feel are convenient but what if they are not?

Children's Call

If you are concerned about the safety of your child and want to make sure that they are well-protected, you can make use of a track app to track your children’s call and find out. In this article, we are going to be talking about how to track your children’s call properly.

How can you help your children when you track your children’s call?

When you track your children’s call you are helping them in many ways. On monitoring and trying to track your children’s call you might notice a few numbers constantly leaving missed call on your child’s phone or they constantly call and try to talk to your child even after they have repeated ‘wrong number’ several times.

This is a sign of your child being spammed and if this occurs, you must definitely take a step forward and you can prevent this from happening by taking a strong action against this.

You might also notice someone calling your child and threatening them for lump sum money. This is of course a very big deal and should not be taking lightly. When this happens, make sure you prevent it by taking a stringent action against them.

Tracking apps: an effective method of keeping a track on your children’s call

If you have been thinking about doing something or taking strict actions to monitor your child and track their phone calls, then using a track app will be a great option.

These track apps can help you in several ways by providing you incredible features namely multimedia files, SMS spying, Facebook spying and more and helping you find out all that you wanted to. These track apps help you to monitor your child’s phone activities so that you can ensure their safety in the best method possible.

Children's Call1

If you are worried about your children’s safety and really want to help them out in some way or the other, we recommend you to use these track apps. These apps come in various types but one of the best track apps that we can advise you to use is Mobile Tracker Free App.

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Mobile Tracker Free App tells you how to track your children’s call

Mobile Tracker Free app is the new generation monitoring software that records all incoming and outgoing cell phone activities of your child so that you know what they are up to and get ample information about their daily life to keep them safe and well protected.

This app is woven with multiple features and tools that can assure you with great functioning and give you the best tracking experience ever. This app is the best answer to “how to track your children’s call

Features of the app to help you track your children’s call

If you are looking for features that will help you to track your children’s call then you must go through the ones that are given below.

1. GPS Location Tracking

Mobile Tracker Free app provides a feature called GPS location tracking to its clients that enables them to track the location of their children’s phone in order to know where they are and how much time they will take to return.

With the help of this app, you can even find your children when they get lost and even their phones can be found out in the same manner. This app makes it very easy. Also, you can help yourself to cope with stress as it will properly keep you informed about your child’s going out.

2. Call History Tracking

Mobile Tracker Free app supplies another interesting feature called call history tracking that helps you to track your child’s history better. With the help of this feature, you can view all of the incoming and outgoing calls in your child’s call history and view all the details too. This will help you to do an effective call history tracking and make sure that your child is completely safe and free from all types of problems.

3. Instant Messaging

Another great way to know what is going on is to track Instant messaging with the help of this app. You can use this feature once you download Mobile Tracker app on your phone properly. On using the feature, you will be able to monitor all instant messaging apps that even range from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and more.

This will give you a proper insight about what your child is up to and what kind of people they speak to. You can access all their messages according to your convenience and they will not be informed.

4. SMS and MMS

SMS and MMS tracking is all about tracking your child’s SMS and MMS with the help of which you can find out who your child speaks to and read all their incoming and outgoing phone text messages secretly, without the phone being rooted. If you suspect your child of having an affair with someone, then this is how you can find out through their messages. It is a great way of finding out about whatever you want and digging into your child’s privacy to know more.

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Mobile Tracker app is very beneficial for all those who are willing to make use of it as it is very reliable and even affordable. You must also know that this app is very easy to operate as its download process and other features are also very easy to access. This app is very helpful and has thousands of satisfied customers.


10 Important Tips For Employee Productivity Tracking

Employee Productivity undergo a strenuous time but the labour enhances when the company hires employees who are clumsy, defiant and indiscipline. How they have to endure those tirelessly difficult people and their excuses. This is what takes away the life of an employer who is even unable to enjoy time with family and friends. What a pressure!


How do they cope with this stress? Are they looking for something that can help them to decrease their pressure alongside increasing employee productivity? If you are an employer, and constantly surfing the internet to help you find tips for employee productivity tracking, Congratulations! You have finally come to the right place.

Why Is Employee Productivity Important?

Employee productivity can help you in many ways. It is extremely crucial as it helps to make your business better. When you strategize to increase employee productivity you are finding means to make the team more disciplined, effective and efficient. Employee productivity also helps to benefit customers in a number of ways because they get their work on time, receive work in perfection and work with a team of expert employees that benefits them business as well. When you work towards the employee productivity and make sure that the work that comes to the clients is thoroughly perfect, it also helps to increase the revenue of the company and in turn enables the popularity of the same.

Mobile Tracker Free: A Means To Increase Employee Productivity

When you look for increasing employee productivity the first app that comes to our mind is Mobile Tracker Free app. The app is a monitoring software that enables you to understand the importance of tracking employees and serves as the most important tip for employee productivity tracking. The app records all incoming and outgoing cell phone and computer activities of an employee to make sure that they are working in accordance with the company’s rules and regulations and not merely killing time.

What Are The Tips For Employee Productivity Tracking That You Can Try With The Help Of Mobile Tracker Free?

Having a bunch of employees to work for the venture is not the big deal today but finding efficient ones and managing them like one whole disciplined army sure is. Once you get hold of your employees and their truth, you can easily compel them to become more productive and benefit the company enormously. If you are yearning to increase employee productivity amidst your employees, here are a bunch of tips for employee productivity tracking.

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1. Aim to accomplish results instead of hours
Employees often fool their employers by attempting to remain in office for hours on end while the work produced is neither quantitative nor qualitative. This can be extremely annoying as ‘having an army is of no use if they are not accessing their weapons correctly. ‘In order to eradicate this problem, you might ask your employees to produce qualitative work for your clients that can enable you to produce work that has high-end services to provide and the capability to produce good amount of revenue for the company. At the end of the day, your clients are not interested in the number of hours your employees remain at office but how they cater to their needs.

2. Monitor employee functioning
This is probably the most effective method via which you can increase productivity. When you focus on monitoring your employee functioning, you can record all incoming and outgoing cell phone activities of them to record whether they are functioning properly during their office hours or not.

One such app that focuses to accomplish this goal is Mobile Tracker Free app that enables you to monitor employee functioning just efficiently.

3. Indulge in effective communication

Effective communication plays a vital role in the construction of an ideal business relationship between employer and his employees. As an employer, if you indulge in sharing your aspirations and the company’s goals via a strong and effective communicative session regularly, it will only enable your employees to understand the policies better, get more comfortable with the company and share honest reviews with one another.

4. Let quality do the talking
Quality or quantity? Of course, quality, isn’t it? Make sure you train your employees to produce qualitative work for their clients instead of focusing to deliver quantity. Clients love perfection because they are seeking help for themselves. When you produce perfection over abundance with no perfection, you know which one they will choose.

5. Appreciate your employees to stimulate their passion towards your company
No one likes to give and give with the least expectation of receiving returns. Your employees work for you every day and compel themselves to construct ideal work for your clients. Wouldn’t it be a humble idea to felicitate them, pay words of gratitude or simply compliment their work every once in a while? If you think this will not work, maybe you should practice it once. This will encourage them to perform better in order to gain more appreciations.


6. Keep a check on the daily produce
Make sure you keep a check on the daily work that your employees are doing so that you have an idea of the goal accomplished and the work that is yet to be done. This will help you to understand how effectively your employees are working and whether the work that is being submitted to the clients is being given properly or not.

7. Keep goals clear and focused
When the goal is clear and on point, it is easier to achieve it. Make sure that you have a very neat image of your goal and discuss it correctly with your employees so that they can function towards achieving it for you. This will enable you to expand your business in the right manner and also stimulate your employees to work towards it. This helps clients to be more efficient and removes the clumsiness of learning about the goal to achieve it. It is all set and there.

8. Extract the excess
Try and assign employees with work that are more important than those that are not. Cut out the excess for them so that they do not feel lazy to complete quantity over quality. Let them be at peace of mind and produce proper work for you. This will also save their energy and speed that usually drains out due to working excessively.

9. Encourage feedback sessions
Apart from effective communication and sharing goals appropriately, feedback session should be encouraged too. Such sessions help employees to understand, recognise and realise the different mistakes they make, how they can improvise their work and work towards the betterment of the company by polishing their skills alongside. This removes the hassle of employees trying to figure out what they lack. Such feedback sessions are a great source of help for people in large amounts.

10. Decrease the work load every once in a while
Another effective method of increasing employee productivity is to decrease the work load ‘every once in a while’ that could be a cause of great annoyance and laziness amidst employees who are already too loaded with work. This enables them to energise, increase their speed and boost their passion to perform better.

Mobile Tracker Free is a wonderful app that has a plethora of features to serve to you. These features can act as a great way of increasing employee productivity so make sure you cater to it.