How To Create a GPS Tracking Application?

GPS Tracking With GPS or Global Positioning System, the method of tracking has got to be easier where you can easily find where something is. Of course, even now there are people who still give such broken directions, most of the times, we just prefer to send them our location pin that shows where we are exactly standing. And that is the beauty of GPS tracking.

GPS Tracking

To find a specific place, we certainly don’t require a road map or to ask unknown people for directions. Our smartphones have all the capabilities to guide us toward the particular place we want and tell the exact place that we are looking — A nearby drug store, restaurant, etc. For businesses, location-based tracking services provide a comprehensive suite of opportunities also — Right from improved customer services to detailed marketing and greater in-store traffic.

Now, before we start getting deeper into the technical stuff, there is another essential question that you have to ask yourself: What do we have to build a GPS tracking app at all?

What is the purpose of your GPS Tracking application?

The main purpose of a location tracking app is to get information about the person’s current place and pinpoint the exact position. However, this information and functionalities can be utilized in multiple ways across industries and here are some of the instances for your understanding:

  • GPS location tracking can be combined with time tracking to determine your remote employees’ efficiency and performance. Also, it’s up to you if you want to integrate automatic reporting and payment depending on the extra time they did. That’s it. You now have an effective and robust employee management tool.
  • Location tracking is frequently utilized to streamline fleet management operations. Users can offer their drivers with mapping and routing functionalities and through the app, produce reports and forward warnings if there is an emergency scenario. In situations like these, a GPS tracking app completely rules out the requirement to buy and download GPS handheld electronics.
  • You can create a GPS tracker application for outdoor and sports enthusiasts so that they can organize their everyday routes, get statements on the distance, and ensure never left behind.

User Privacy — Important Concern

Many times, users find that the rate of access to their location data surprising and feel like they are being followed by their own smartphone.


Also, a study by Pew Research Center says that in most of the situations, people feel completely normal regarding giving their personal information against some personalized deals or any other tangible benefits and on the other side there are scenarios where such close monitoring becomes too intimidating.

  • Almost 45 percent of participants said that it is highly unacceptable for insurance companies to provide them surveilling their driving practices and provide deals or discounts for safe driving.
  • More than 50 percent felt uncertain about social media networking applications which collect their exact location and other related info and utilize it to send them personalized ads or even trade it with 3rd-parties.
  • 55 percent of participants said that they never even think of installing s “Smart thermostat” as it would pursue their in-house actions and make its own temperature changes/modifications to minimize the electricity bill.

If you indeed want to build a GPS tracking application then ensure that your location-based functionalities really offers some great benefits for your customers. Put your theories to test with your customer pool clearly and tell them why they should choose to share their locations with you.

Know-How Mobile Location is Received

GPS Tracking1

Now, how to develop GPS tracking apps which are exact enough? Let us take a detailed look at what affects the quality of data in this scenario:

  • Users’ actions and the frequency of re-evaluations have to be conducted as and when the user changes his or her position.
  • The multitude of location references.
  • Wi-Fi, Cell-ID, Network data, and GPS can provide data on the users’ location. But depending on just either of the choices can be a bit difficult as they each have their own speed, exactitude, and battery efficiency.

The last two can result in unfolding prevalence of assisted GPS — A method which utilizes both GPS and network data to receive location data. Google Maps and some other map apps usually utilize this style and recommend to connect your device to the network for an enhanced positioning.

Another concern for this GPS tracking application development is that location data received 10 seconds past from one channel could be more exact than the present location received from another channel. Such stabilization might be needed to obtain accurate information.

APIs for Location-based Services

If your GPS app customers are iOS users, then you need to compare the Core Location Framework and related APIs before you start doing anything else. This will let you identify the user’s status and direction, design, and plan the delivery of place and managing events, create a geofence if it is required and make sure the application works with iBecaons.

Thinking about a GPS application for Android users? Well, in this case, elements are a little less easy since there are two distinct approaches to receive the users’ location on this platform:

  • Utilizing Google Play services location APIs
  • Utilizing Android framework location APIs

Below are a couple of tips for app developers to take into consideration:

Android Location API

This earlier released API utilizes 3 separate providers to receive user’s position data:

  • LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER identifies location utilizing satellites and takes some time to deliver the information.
  • LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER identifies location depending on the reachability of a cell reception tower and Wi-Fi access networks.
  • LocationManager.PASSIVE_PROVIDER returns location produced by different providers. You indirectly obtain locations’ updates when rest apps or services ask them without having to request the location yourself.

Google Play Services Location APIs

Nowadays, Google is actively promoting this choice as a robust, less-battery consumption solution and dynamic solution for identifying user’s location. It is a component of Google Play Services APK and is developed on best Android’s APIs.

GPS Tracking2

The provider automatically chooses which location channel to utilize depending on the efficiency and battery utilization and lets set up more cutting-edge features such as geofencing.


The track cell phone is not something that people are unaware about, it is a pretty common concept, and is growing quickly. Today, using a cell number to track down someone is highly in demand, and there are a number of services that allow you to track people down in a “legal” manner. Or so they claim just with a few setting changed.

Track Cell

As we live in a technology-centered time, so naturally there are other reliable options which you can use to track a cell phone. Well, if the government can do it so can the people, right? However, there are a number of ethical and legal limitations set that determine the extent you can go to when cell phone tracking.

Legally speaking, it is against the law to access someone’s computer without their permission; this falls on smartphones as well. Because of this, one reason private investigators and some law enforcement officials need a court order. As you cannot legally gain access to someone’s private phone, and download and install software to track a cell phone. This is only legal if you are the owner of the cell phone, in which case go ahead.

Learn More- 2019 Phone Tracker Apps to Trace Anyone Anywhere

If you wish to track a cell phone using the cell number or any other method, you need the permission of the phone owner or need to own the device yourself. With the owner’s permission you can use carrier cell phone tracking system, they will either ask you to install an application, or allow GPS tracking. If you do not own the phone, and were unable to get permission; the only legal way is to hire a private investigator. However, if you own the cell phone or have permission to track; here are a few ways you can do is successful.

How to Track cell Phone by Carrier

There are four major phone carriers in the USA, and they all offer the services to find and track the cell phone that is under the same account. This means if your partner, spouse, and/or children are under the same account as you; and you have permission to track their cell phones – you can use the methods mentioned below:

AT&T –

The Family Map offers much more than just the current location, with their services you can check where the phone has been. You can set a dedicated area, and if someone leaves that dedicated area you will receive a notification.

Sprint –

Is offering a family locator service, they are a number of connected applications called Guardian. This includes Family Locator that allows you to locate your family, and receive updates regarding their location.

Verizon –

It offers a similar service to other carrier cell phone tracking services. This allows you to locate your family, along with location updates. If you create hotspots, you will receive a notification when the family members arrive and leave that spot.

T-Mobile –

They are offering their application for Android users.  If you are using iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, or any other device that does not run on Android it is necessary to log into your T-Mobile account to navigate it. The service offers real-time updates of locations of your family members. Also, you can set up automatic location updatesiPhone & Android Options

Both devices offer a system that is in-built and allows you to track the cell phone from any computer or smart device. And here is how you can use them.

iPhone –

Go to your phone’s settings, and then click on iCloud, check to see if your “Find My iPhone” option is on. Now, you can use any device to log in to your iCloud and check the location of your phone.

Android –

Go to phone settings, and click on Security; here you will be able to find “remotely locate this device” ensure that it is turned on. Once you do turn it on the GPS will start running in the background. To login Android Device Manager from any other phone or computer and check the current location and location history of your device.

Cell Phone Tracking Applications

The Google Play Store, the Apple App Store, and even the Blackberry App World have tons of applications that all offer cell phone tracking services. Keep in mind that the cell phone owner needs to write permission, even if you just want to install the application. If you gather any information without permission you will not be able to use it in a legal setting. Furthermore, there are a number of scammy applications, and we have listed down the best ones we managed to find.

Connect –

This single application takes in all the information from social media, also the posts from your friends and accumulates them in one single place. This even takes down the locations they are at, so you can see where the fun is happening.

Find My Friends –

This is an easy way to keep track of your family and friends. But it only works if the person invites you. Once the person accepts your invitation he will add you to their network. Then you can see their current location at all times.

Phone Tracker –

This application uses GPS and ensures real-time tracking. This application will create a 24-hour nap, and make a great way to track kids.

MSpy –

One of the most powerful phone monitoring tool in the market. As it allows users to locate the phone, check the messages that have been received and sent. Also, check out the call log and so much more.

We hope that we have explained all the different legal options you have to track down a phone that is your, or the one you have permission to track. There are many service providers out there they offer you a lot but fail to deliver. Remember all the applications are restricted under the same law, and will not be able to provide you what you need. So keep in mind that all the evidence you accumulate without permission, or until and unless you own the device you are tracking

2019 Phone Tracker Apps to Trace Anyone Anywhere

Why are there only three phone tracking apps on this list? Does the year 2018 only have three apps to offer? Actually, there are now more phone-spying and cellphone tracking apps than ever before, but it is literally a case of there being more choice but fewer options. There are only three apps that really stand out as the year 2018’s top phone tracker apps.

Phone Tracking

Word of Warning About Your Cell Phone Tracker

Unless you are a branch of the government, it is illegal to spy on other people or track their phones in any way. Unless you are an employer who has made it specifically clear in the employees’ contracts that they will be monitored with using “Your” technology (not their own phones), then you are not allowed to use a mobile tracker, tracer or spy on anyone’s phone without their consent because it is illegal.

Why Are Phone Tracker Apps Legal?

Mobile tracker technology is legal for the same reason that peer-to-peer sharing software is legal, and for the same reason why hacking and lock picking are legal. Cellphone track technology can be used for good as well as for illegal or nefarious reasons. For example, modern phones have tracker GPS systems where a user is able to find his or her phone if it is lost or stealing by using the associated tracker GPS software on a desktop computer (or via the GUI on a website).

Phone Tracking1

Where’s My Droid

This mobile number tracker and Android tracking system is one of the oldest and most well-known cellphone track systems on the market. It is primarily marketed as a theft detection system, and it is so popular because it is a reliable service and because it has many features. One of the best and most commonly quoted features is that the app allows you to lock your phone from remotely by using its website. This means that if you lose your phone or if your phone is stolen, then you know where it is and you can lock people out from using it. This cell phone tracker will track the location of your phone, and it will show you where your phone has been over the past week by giving you its resting locations. There is a theft-detection system that sends you an email if it thinks your phone has been stolen. This includes a system where the phone takes a photo of anybody who fails to unlock the phone correctly.

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You may lock and even reset your phone over the Internet if it has been stolen or lost
It has added features such as GEO-Fencing and GPS Flare
The cost of this system is very cheap when compared to all other competitors
You will not have to root your Android device to run or install this app


Some of the false theft alerts can become annoying
It relies on the GPS and therefore lowers battery charge times
Forces you to add a security screen lock to your phone even if you do not want it


Install the system into a mobile device and create as suitable exceptions within the anti-virus program and any anti-virus software on the phone. This program can be used to track the location of a phone using GPS, which gives you the location of the phone to within a few meters. It also gives you real-time information that updates every five to ten minutes. This means that if a person is in one place, then that person may be tracked to within a few meters. You may track the transmission of SMS texts too, and even though you are not able to look at them, you are able to find out when they have been sent. There is a web-based GUI on the Spyzie website that allows you to track where the target phone is.


The system is expensive, but there is the option of a free trial
You will not have to root your Android device to run or install this app
It is compatible with modern version of the Android operating system
There are extra “Spy” features you may buy for your child’s phone


You cannot use this app with Apple devices
Symbian and BlackBerry users are unable to use this system
They are going to charge you at least $7.50 per month for this system

AVG Anti-theft

AVG Anti-theft is part of the AVG antivirus suite, and it may help you find your lost phone in just minutes. Like all phone tracker technology, it may also be used to track the location of somebody on a real-time basis. One of the great things about this app is that it supports Google maps, which means you get to look at the phone’s location on a GUI that you recognize. If somebody tries to tamper with the phone’s lock and gets it wrong, then it takes a photo of that person and uploads the photo onto the website GUI so that the account holder may see who has been playing with the phone.


The app will lock the phone whenever the SIM card is removed
It is very easy to use, and the Google maps view makes tracking the phone very simple
The app is able to erase the phone’s sensitive files if requested online via the website
You will not have to root your Android device to run or install this app


They have added advertisements into the app for some reason
It is an add-on to the AVG suite, which means you also need to buy the antivirus software too
It relies on the GPS and therefore drains the battery over time

How to Track a Phone Without Installing Software?

It is possible, but you cannot use mobile number tracker technology if you are a citizen. Only the authorities and telecommunications companies are able to track a phone without installing the software. They simply triangulate where the last signal came from by using three or more mobile/cellphone towers.

The companies that claim they allow you to track somebody without installing software on their phones are lying to you. It is an easy scam. You tell somebody that you can track their phone, you sell them a do-nothing service that looks good, and the consumer cannot complain to the authorities because it is illegal to spy on people. That would be like a narcotics addict going to the police because they had their stash stolen.

In addition, all branded and modern anti-virus programs have anti-spyware technology that picks up on if somebody has tried to add any form of spyware. Even the apps that claim they can beat antivirus programs are only temporarily successful.

You Need Software That Is Updated and Supported

Tracking software such as the mobile tracking apps listed in this article are going to fall foul of modern antivirus programs and operating system updates. That is why it is important to pick tracking apps that are supported and updated. Old/unsupported tracking apps always become useless as technology moves forwards.

Phone Tracking2

The Risk of Rooting

Do not root your phone or the phone of another person. Many mobile tracking apps ask that you root your phone before you install their software because it allows them to get around the anti-spy and antivirus programs on a mobile device. However, not only do you risk destroying the phone you are rooting, but you are also giving the app a free run on the phone to do whatever the developer’s wish, which simply invites identity theft.

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Reverse Cellular Phone Number Lookup – How To Trace A Mobile Number To Get Name, Address And More

Yes you can now trace a mobile number back to its owner; and that is what this article is all about. This was not possible some few years back because of the fact that the mobile phone operated on a different level altogether. As a matter of fact, the mobile phone has totally changed how we communicate to one another. Voice and data messages can be communicated from one end to another with the help of this device. Unfortunately too, prank callers have turned this device into something else; apparently because they want to remain undiscovered while carrying out their acts.

Although the activities of prank callers appear to be getting the better of most individuals, the reverse cellular phone lookup is without doubt a service what considering. This is one of the most highly ranked detective services on the internet. If you want instant details of any cellular phone caller, this is precisely what you need. You can remember all the hidden tracks of a prank caller by looking up his / her details through this directory. Since prank callers are pretty aware of the implication of what they are doing, you can send messages informing them of your intention to call in the police.

These sites are not difficult to recognize once you come across them on the web. These websites have colorful, attractive and easy to understand user interfaces that even a newbie can understand. A search or query is initiated as soon as the telephone number is plugged into the search box. Make sure all digits; including the area code of the telephone number is plugged into the search box correctly. The reverse cellular phone lookup may take between two to three minutes to match your query; depending on how good the site is. It is not possible to trace a mobile number on some directories without registering to become a member. Membership also requires certain amount of fees; usually not below $ 14.95 in some cases and not exceeding $ 50.00 in other cases. As a matter of fact, membership of a reverse directory site gives you access to one year unlimited number lookups.

The reverse lookup is no doubt more popular than some services on the internet; that perhaps explains why some scam sites are also springing up. So, make sure you spend more time checking some of those self-styled reverse cellular phone lookup companies online before becoming a member. Take to your heels once you are asked to enter your credit card details even while you are still to click the first search button. Make sure it is a site that gives a guarantee of complete report.

Source by FE Smith

Reverse Trace Phone Numbers – How to Trace a Phone Number Back to Its Owner

Is there a way of tracing phone numbers? The answer is yes, there is. A simple and easy way to trace phone numbers, both cell phone as well as mobile numbers is by using the Reverse Phone Detective site. The site offers unlimited landline and cell phone numbers to lookup from to its users in return for a nominal charge. The site offers not just phone numbers but also other details such as address, personal details, background information, photos, etc. however, the site does not offer any sort of sensitive data.

When you provide the information that you already possess, the site, uses it and looks up through the database to find matching results. Once the matching results are located, you can choose the information that you have been looking for from the choices given. You will not be charged anything unless and until you get the information you want. The site also offers a money back guarantee if the results are unsatisfactory which is very good. The chance of this is however very less as we aim at providing the best service possible.

Last but not the least, the site lets you choose a scheme of payment as per you needs and provides you with the best quality data. You can be sure that you are receiving good quality information which makes the money you paid worth every penny. Do not waste time searching meaninglessly at free sites. Choose Reverse Phone Detective and get all the information that you want in an instant. Register now!

Source by Jo Ramani

Reverse Lookup For Mobile Phone Numbers – Trace Phone Numbers To Get Name And Address

Many things take place on the World Wide Web these days, and the most interesting of them is how to conduct a reverse lookup for mobile phone numbers. In fact, this method of looking up unlisted numbers has continued to gain a lot of fame because of the numerous benefits it offers. These benefits include the following: carrying out a background check of an employee or spouse, connect and reconnect with old and new colleagues on your contact lists, identify a prank caller, criminal background check, sex offender information, neighborhood information, parole information, find photo id or profile picture, and a couple of others.

As an employer one thing you want to avoid is employing someone whose could jeopardize the security of your company. A background check on an employee can be conducted by simply using a telephone number. All you need is to insert the phone number of the person into a reverse lookup online form. This is actually very easy, but you might need a token amount if you want the best. This kind of lookup is usually carried out in two different ways. When you trace phone numbers online, you may not find more than a couple of details, which include, name, age, address, sex, and a few others. However, you might need a second search, which may not cost more than a few dollars if you want complete background information.

Conducting a reverse lookup for mobile numbers is a clear indication you want to find out the truth about your spouse or employee, and that is why you need a credible website. Any search conducted outside a genuine lookup website will not be conclusive, and might have some implications. Hiring a lawyer to defend you in court over slander or libel could cost you a fortune, but you can avoid all that by using a paid lookup website for a lot less. Moreover, not all reverse lookup directories have records of cell phone users.

If you are going to sign up with a reverse lookup website to trace phone numbers, then you need a few tips. First, you need to find out the copyright year, which is always at the end of the web page. You also need to find out if the website has features like, the no-hit-no-find, and the money-back-guarantee. Of course, you must read the basic user-guide before going ahead with your search. The user-guide normally contains all the conditions every customer must fulfill before being allowed to conduct reverse lookup for mobile phone numbers.

Source by OL Saul

Reverse Mobile Lookup – How To Trace A Cell Phone Number To Get Personal Details Of Callers

I have absolutely nothing against public records, but definitely a big antagonist of misleading information. Public records have not really been able to satisfy all the desires of a lot of people. Profiles of mobile users still remain largely elusive; no wonder the reverse mobile lookup has gradually become very popular. That is where to head to if you want complete profiles of unlisted callers. Records of both listed and unlisted callers in the United States of America can be bought into at very reasonable cost. So, stop relying on services that lack all the features to help you in your online telephone number investigation. As for payment registration, users are usually presented with two flexible options. The premium option gives you all the benefits of unlimited lookups for a whole year, and the one-time-payment option. 

Reverse mobile phone lookup is the only service that has the ability to put a stop to all kinds of unwanted phone calls. You can trace a cell phone number as soon as you come across the perfect site of your choice. Signing up only takes a few minutes, and cell phone trace takes even shorter time to conclude. The two most significant requirements remain a credit card for registration, and the telephone number of the caller. When you are done with the registration, you can start making use of the site without further delay. Plug in the number and start your reverse lookup to find out the name and other important details of the unknown caller. Reverse mobile phone lookup sites stand out because of the kinds of impressive reports they provide. These reports reveal a lot of highly researched work, well beyond the ability of public records. The profile of an unknown caller may include the following details: age; name; sex; address; criminal background history; family background history; map; and many more. It is important to emphasize that these reports are not only reliable, but verifiable as well. 

Extra Features 

Some reverse mobile phone lookup directories have some outstanding features that help them stay ahead of their competitors. Some of these features include; the no-hit-no-charge, the money-back-guarantee, and a feature that helps you keep your identity private for a token amount. These and many other quality features help to separate the genuine sites from the fake ones. So, you can start your search for a genuine site by looking out for these features as soon as you are ready.

Source by P S James

Reverse Cell Trace – Find People by Cell Phone Number and Rid Yourself of Curiosity

Unknown calls keep popping up in your mobile phone lately. You have no record of the caller, except with only strings of numbers in the call log. This is probably most agonizing as you might be expecting a very important business referral which could mean revenues in the tens of thousands of dollars. And you really do not want to miss that call. But which amongst the many strings of numbers is that important phone call is a mystery indeed. As you do not wish to appear unprofessional by simply returning calls to unknown callers, you are at a loss of what to do. Fret not as there are alternatives to help you find people by cell phone number easily, amongst which is the reverse cell trace services, or otherwise known as reverse cell phone lookups.

The reverse cell trace service is one which enables you to resolve your issues effectively and efficiently and with accuracy too. The system is easy to use and should provide you with results almost instantaneously. You simply input the number in question into the search box prompt and let the system do the rest of the work. It will run a match with its vast database and if one is found, you will be presented with a full report almost instantaneously.

Reverse cell phone lookups generally provide you with information such as name, current and past addresses, family member details, location map as well as service status. While these are the basic data you will get, there are premier services which provide you more in depth data such as personal background details and even criminal record background check.

An authentic service should be able to generate a comprehensive full report for you within 60 seconds or less. You should be wary of services which can only provide you the required information within 24 hours and longer. And do take extra care when you chance upon any site which promises free reverse cell trace services as mobile phone details can only be purchase for a price since they are not made available for free to the mass public.

Most reverse cell phone lookups accorded their users total confidentiality and you can run your search anytime, anywhere at your very own convenience and privacy. Indeed, you can now run searches on any mobile number and find out more about any caller before you return any missed calls. And if you should be in need to find people by cell phone number, you know that your reverse cell trace service is always on hand.

Source by Joey Jones