Should You Use Track­ing Pre­ven­tion in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Several trackers follow your activities whenever browse online. Lots of scripts load alongside websites that love nothing more than to follow you around and keep tabs on your browsing activity. Usually, the intention is to target you with personalized ads. But you never know what else they do with that data.


This is why the built-in Tracking Prevention functionality in the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge is so useful. It sports three levels of protection — Basic, Balanced, and Strict — that can help you thwart web trackers and malicious scripts online.

But which Tracking Prevention level works the best? Should you use it in the first place? Why not just have a content blocking extension installed instead? Let’s figure out the answers to these questions below.


Tracking Prevention is baked into Microsoft Edge Chromium on both the PC and Mac. You can also find it in the mobile versions (iOS and Android) of Microsoft Edge. And it sports three separate levels — Basic, Balanced, and Strict — that you can readily switch between.


The Basic setting doesn’t block the advertising, analytics, or social trackers in websites, which works a treat if you don’t mind personalized ads. Say you search for something, and related ads suddenly show up on the websites that you visit. Well, it won’t stop them.

But it will stop harmful scripts in their tracks. Sketchy sites often run malicious code that uses the resources of your device to mine cryptocurrencies. Not only do they slow down your web browsing, but they also hurt battery life. The Basic setting helps prevent that. Additionally, it blocks fingerprinting scripts that use device-specific information to track you.


Balanced is the default Tracking Prevention setting used by Microsoft Edge Chromium. If personalized ads creep you out, then this setting should do you a world of good. It blocks most advertising trackers straight off the bat, so you won’t, for example, see that toaster that you just searched in Google popping up in ads everywhere!

The Balanced setting also does a good job of avoiding the negative impact of anti-tracking. It doesn’t block trackers that are essential for a site’s functionality so you won’t get caught up with broken site elements.


The Strict Tracking Prevention setting blocks almost all trackers that load alongside websites. Yes — even those that are required for a site to function properly. Don’t worry — the majority of sites will still show up fine. But expect odd quirks, such as defective social media plugins or embedded videos not playing properly.

Tracking Prevention isn’t advertised as an ad-blocker, but the Strict setting also helps load fewer ads, which is likely due to the lack of third-party trackers.

The Strict level even improves site performance; this is possible since most trackers — advertising, analytics, social, etc. — aren’t granted permission to use any system resources. That also applies to the Balanced setting, but to a lesser extent.

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It depends on what you want. If you prefer personalized ads without being exposed to cryptominers and privacy-invading fingerprinters, then the Basic level of Tracking Prevention should work like a charm.

But if you hate personalized ads, then use the Balanced setting. It strikes a good balance (no pun intended) of preserving your privacy while still allowing sites the means to pay their bills. It’s also the default setting and the level recommended by Microsoft.

If you are extremely conscious about your privacy and don’t mind a few sites breaking in the process, then choose Strict. It also blocks most ads. But you can always use the built-in Exceptions list to add sites that you support or trust, or sites that break.


There’s no reason why you shouldn’t. At the very least, you must use Basic Tracking Prevention since it blocks dangerous tracking scripts and malicious code from running on your desktop or mobile.

If you have seconds thoughts, you can always check Tracking Prevention in action by clicking the padlock-shaped icon on the address bar, and then pointing to Trackers. And there will be lots of blocked trackers listed, which will change depending on the level of Tracking Prevention used.

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Tracking Prevention is enabled in Microsoft Edge by default. And it uses the Balanced setting. If you want to switch to a different level, access the exceptions list, or turn off the functionality completely (not recommended), then here’s how to find the Tracking Prevention settings on your desktop or mobile.


Step 1: Open the Edge menu, and then click Settings.

Step 2: Switch to the Privacy and Services tab.

Step 3: Select the required protection level — Basic, Balanced, or Strict — using the controls underneath the Tracking Prevention section. Or use the switch next to Tracking Prevention to disable the functionality.

If you want to exclude a website, click Exceptions, and then add the URL of the site.


Step 1: Bring up the Edge menu, and then tap Settings.

Step 2: Tap Privacy and Security. On the subsequent screen, tap Tracking Prevention.

Step 3: Switch to the required Tracking Prevention level. Or turn off the switch next to Tracking Prevention to disable the functionality.

Tap Exceptions to add the URL of the site you want to exclude.


The Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store contains many content blocking extensions that can also help you preserve your privacy. Extensions such as uBlock Origin may do a better job at blocking trackers than the integrated Tracking Prevention module.

However, extensions also pose their share of privacy-related issues since they have access to your browsing activity. Some of the content blockers in the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store even look quite sketchy! Also, extensions consume additional system resources and can slow down the browser.

Best Way for Parents to Track Kids’ Location

With so many kids having a smartphone these days and the ability to go anywhere quickly, it’s no wonder more parents are looking for the best way to track kids’ location. When a parent can see on an app where their child is at all times, it helps minimize parental anxiety and stress.

While most kids feel that tracking their location goes against their privacy rights, the reality is that parents need to keep an eye on their kids. With heavy internet usage and so many people out there looking to harm others, it’s simply a part of this day in parenting to know how to track your kids’ location.


According to a study published in ABC News 1 in 5 parents are tracking their kids’ location electronically. Parents want to give their kids the freedom to roam and enjoy time with friends, but access to the internet on tablets and smartphones can make even most lenient parents worry. With the ease of use for apps that let parents track kids’ location without spending a ton of money, it’s no wonder more and more parents are opting to track their kids’ whereabouts.

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With a simple app installed on your smartphone devices, you the parent can track your kids’ location anytime and anywhere.

Why Should Parents Track Kids’ Location?

There are many reasons why parents should track the kids’ location. From bullying to the inability to make good decisions to the news stories and shows that feature kids meeting up with strangers or being stocked by strangers from the internet in real life. There are so many things parents and kids see online as well as on the television that could cause parents to worry more about their kids’ location when they ventured out that door to hang with friends or have some time away from home.

Whether your kids’ have a curfew or simply go to the library on a regular basis with friends, having a way for parents to track kids’ location simply allows parents to rest easier. When a parent tracks their kids’ location it’s not about the trust that they have or not have for their kids, it’s about peace of mind.

Kids aren’t being raised in the communities that elders were raised in, where everyone watched out for everyone else kids. These days it seems parents are mostly alone in their efforts to allow their kids to roam freely while staying safe. That’s why parents truly need an app installed that tracks their kids’ location no matter where they’re going.

Knowing where your kids’ are will help alleviate the parental worry, stress, and fear that something’s gone wrong when your kid is gone longer than anticipated. The positives of using a tracking device to know your kids’ location far outweigh the negatives. Your kid may whine and complain that you don’t trust them, but remember you’re making the best decision possible to track your kids’ location when they venture outside of the home with their smartphone. This decision will help keep them safe and held accountable to be where they say they’re going.

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How can I track my Child’s Location?

If you’re a parent looking to track your kids’ location so that you can rest easier knowing where your kids’ are at during their time away from home, then check out, an app that allows parents to track kid’s location without much tech knowledge needed. This is the best way to track your child’s location so that you can be a more carefree parent and focus on other areas in life while your kids’ are out enjoying their childhood safely.

Why Location Tracking is Needed for Woman

Many women are starting to realize that it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to sharing their location. Women have found that allowing a few friends to see their location, more so their phone’s location has helped them feel safer.In a world where many women feel victimized or targeted for various crimes, it’s no wonder location tracking is needed for women.


Many a woman have known what it feels like to take a walk in the dark holding onto their key with it out in their first just in case someone comes along to try to attack them in the dark. Many women have felt more empowered allowing location tracking to be shared among online friends so that they feel some level of safety.

Women Feel More Confident

When your woman friend is coming to an event with you or planning to leave an event and head home, location tracking allows your friend and you to feel more confident in going alone. You can easily see when your friend leaves the event and arrives safely at home. This level of confidence is only something that many women feel they get from having location tracking on their device. There are many location tracking apps available for both iTunes and Android devices, making location tracking easier for women.

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A World of Strangers

With the onset of Uber and grocery delivery services, we’re going against everything that our parents grew up telling us. Stranger danger is a real thing and there are also those online dating sites where women have actually been brutally murdered after going on just one date. In a world full of strangers who are delivering our food, driving woman to events or home, and meeting up for a blind date so to speak, it’s important that woman has some way to feel safer. Location tracking is needed for women because they are the most vulnerable, even if they’re fit as a rock and can handle their own.

According to an article at TechCrunch, Danueal Drayton used dating apps to kill seven women and while last we knew his trial is on hold while he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation, a 24-year old woman was murdered after a 2018 Tinder date. When TechCrunch asked a Tinder spokesperson about their online dating app security features, they let the tech site know that they’ve put enhanced spam and protective security measures in to try to red-flag dangerous words, people and other instances before anyone is able to meet up since that 2018 incident.

No matter how much security an online dating app, Uber, or any other online platform that allows people to meet up with woman alone puts in place, there’s always some risk involved when it comes to a woman meeting up with strangers from the internet for dating, delivery or driving. Sadly that’s just the world we live in, people have become quite scary and are often focused on harming a woman in most cases. This is why location tracking is needed for women, while it won’t stop a perpetrator from harming women, it will help the woman feel safer knowing that someone she considered a friend is tracking her location.

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With our world being all about strangers helping us out with our rides, groceries, and other options it’s no wonder many women are sharing their location with close family members and friends through location tracking applications. Being able to send a private message through a location tracking app to a friend or family member during each stop of the day while running errands or having fun alone as a woman, can help any woman feel safer, more confident, and comfortable doing things on their own.

How Sensor Technology Can Benefit Cities

Sensor Cities are rapidly growing in size, and these advanced solutions are being implemented to create new services and improve those already existing. By installing IoT sensors, cities can begin to gather data needed to help make better informed decisions.


Many local authorities have already begun implementing a smart city strategy whilst others are only just beginning. However, the smart city industry is expected to increase by 18.9% from 2019 to 2025 as local authorities turn to technology to help them streamline services.

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How Pinacl can help

Pinacl have a range of real-world solutions to help local authorities with issues such as waste management, air quality, flooding and road temperature.


Tempus is designed around scientific factors which cause damp and mould within a property and how the nature of the property, its location and internal/external conditions influence these factors.

The application records and processes all these factors that can cause mould to produce detailed analysis and automatic alerts pertinent to each individual property – combined with a powerful knowledge base providing possible causes and actions to intervene pro-actively.

Air quality

Measuring air quality is a major strategy in the fight against air pollution. Implementing IoT technologies such as air quality sensors can help measure and monitor air pollution levels against the Air Quality Index (AQI), alerting you of how clean or polluted the air is as well as any health implications you may face based on the readings.

Pinacl’s air quality sensors can measure and report primary pollutants such as particle matter (PM10 and PM2.5), carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone, as well as temperature, humidity and pressure.

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Current waste management collections are outdated and lacking data-driven solutions. Embedding an ultrasonic level sensor could help alert city workers when they are ready to be emptied, even gathering trend data over time. Councils will be able to understand which bins are being used more often, as well as scheduling pickups at the optimum time.

Not only does this help slash fuel consumption on wasted journeys but can also prevent overflowing bins which can be an eyesore or even be a hazard to the community.


With rapid urbanisation in cities, they are becoming more susceptible to surface water (pluvial) flooding. By installing sensors under grids in towns and cities, local authorities will be able to monitor water levels and the chance of flooding.

With the use of IoT technology, the sensors use ultrasound to detect water surface and will send the data using a LoRaWAN network. This allows local authorities to take appropriate action such as alerts, early warning system and flood predictions.

The Most Effective Features In The Cell Tracker App

Tracker App can handle you the track for your target device. You are going to be astonished by the huge number of features that the app can handle for you. Like that, you have to do is to install in the target phone and you will get the best-detailed tracking for your device for sure.

Tracker App

The Best Parental Control For Your Kids

The cell tracker can handle anything you want to know about your kids. You will even get coordinates of the locations where your kid is too. Truth be told, you can easily find him and know with whom he is in real-time. Accordingly, you can shape his behaviour and make him always protection from danger too. You can even know any contact added to their list.

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Track Mobile Locations for Multiple Goals

In fact, you can track your lost device too using a cell tracker app. You can use the phone tracking app for multiple tasks as you see. You are going to find your mobile phone or any other device in which the app is installed easily. The monitoring interface has detailed tracking to your mobile. You can easily find its locations. Moreover, you will even have a virtual map that can serve as a great visualization for your mobile location too.

In addition to that, the cell tracker app can handle you great tools to gps track your employees too if you run a business. Accordingly, you can check whether they are committed to their work or not. Cell tracker is a great location spy too for many goals.

Data Privacy

The data sent to the online database of the company which developed the app. No one can deny that the data and information are super protected. This is thanks to the encrypted algorithm used before storing the data in our databases for sure.

Optimized User Experience

Actually, you can update the information that you see in the monitoring Interface. As a matter of fact, you can even delete the whole account if you want. Like that, it will be vanished forever from online storage.

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The Most Accurate GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is also a great advantage in the cell tracker app. Actually, you can easily find the details about each location shared in the social media used by your kid for instance. We are talking about all the common social media today. From Facebook to Snapchat, the app can easily and immediately share the location with you in the online account. As a result, you can bring any detail related to your kids easily thanks to the cell tracker app.

Call Tracking

In addition to that, you can track each call coming or going from your target phone app. All that you have to do is watch anything related to WhatsAppFacebookSnapchat, Viber or any kind of social media too. Even the media shared through those social media can be seen easily in your monitoring interface too. In the end, we can confirm for you that the app has a massive echo in the world parental control today. This is due to the additional features added b the company in a very permanent way. You will be fascinated about what the app can do for your life routine with your kids. Your mission of protecting your kid will be much easier without any small doubt. In the next posts, we will talk even more about some unique features which the best phone tracker can do. The control of your kids is much handy and easier like never before.

Sleep Tracker Apps for better and sound sleep

Apps In order to attain a healthy lifestyle, you need to feel rested and comfortable, but there can be many things running in your head that bars you from feeling rested. All your stress and worries impact your sleep cycle which can make things more vulnerable for you if you don’t take enough care.


Your mental health is important and sleeping can help you fight your problems as your brain needs proper rest in order to function efficiently. With the best apps focusing on your sleep cycles, you can rely on them and doze off peacefully. Today we have curated a list of best sleep trackers that can keep a check on your sleeping pattern so that you wake up with a fresh mind.

Best Sleep Tracker Apps To Monitor Your Naps

Allow yourself to relax a little with these sleep tracking apps that will refresh your mind and make you feel better.

1. Sleep Cycle

With Sleep Cycle, you can analyze your sleep routine and monitor your sleeping patterns. The app tracks your light sleep mode phase and wakes you up with soft alarm tones that can range from 5 mins to 90 mins until you wake up. The app also records your snoring per day.

2. White Noise Lite

Wide noise enables high-frequency sounds which creates an aura around you which helps you to distract from any other sound that is being produced. With perfectly looped sounds you can fall asleep and stay asleep for as long as you want to for a refreshed mind.

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3. Calm

The calm app provides relaxation to your exhausted brain and mind through meditation and sleep. The app is different from others and features famous artists who tell stories and take you to a dreamland. For people who prioritize mental health then this app is highly recommended by psychologists and therapists.

4. Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies app gives you a soothing music experience and is an amalgamation of sound, stories and sleep moves that can help you to fall asleep quickly. With this app, you can create your own sounds and break free from all the sleepless nights that you have been spending.

5. Sleep as Android

This mobile application wakes you pleasantly from your sleep by monitoring your sleep schedule in a smart way. Sleep as Android supports various other devices and has revolutionized contactless ultrasonic sleep tracking which allows you to keep your phone away from the bed.

6. Wake Me Up In

The app doesn’t set an alarm and allows you to wake up at your convenience. You just need to add the number of hours you want to sleep and Wake Me Up In will ring its alarm right after your added duration is over. The app has a very simple interface that you can glide on.

7. Pillow

Pillow an iPhone sleep tracker can be your smart sleep assistant which helps you to sleep better every day and wake up refreshed in the morning. Record everything that you do in sleep be it sleep apnea, sleep talk or snoring. With apple health metrics compare your sleep quality.

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8. SnoreLab

If you want to keep a track of your snore, then this app is right for you. SnoreLab records your snoring every day and sends you the highlights of your pitch through emails. No matter if you purr like a kitten or blow the whole room out, this app will track all of it and helps you to get hold of your habit.

9. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

If you want to sleep peacefully then the Relax & Sleep Well app is right for you as it allows you to access 4 free hypnotherapies and meditation which helps you take a good nap. You can make in-app purchases to tackle other life challenges like phobia, a

10. Digipill

Digipill focuses on your overall health and helps you to beat insomnia with ease. Guided meditation voice of Brian Colbert, a leading expert in NLP, and psychoacoustic director of Digipill helps you to unlock your subconscious self in order to change your mood and perception for better sleep.

Why Travel and Location Go Hand in Hand

Being able to travel to new locations is such a fun way to experience new cultures and get to spread your wings a little. Traveling solo, with family or with friends is a fabulous way to break out of your normal day to day routine and have some fun.


Many people though do fear travel as the world is full of people who are out to do bad things or they can come into harm’s way when traveling in an unknown location. That’s why we wanted to share some information about why travel and location go hand in hand.

Why Travel and Location Go Hand in Hand

Added Layer of Security

When traveling alone it’s always good to have location tracking on. Sharing your minute by minute location with a close friend or family member adds an extra layer of security so that you’re able to feel safer. Travel and location go hand in hand for people who want that added layer of security while they’re out checking new locations, places and even visiting new people. This is especially helpful for women who are traveling solo to new locations.

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Track Your Travels

Another reason why travel and location go hand in hand is that it can help you map out where you’ve been while traveling away from home. If you’re on a road trip or vacation that allows you to go to many new places, having your location open for tracking will easily allow you to go back and see where you went so that you can return home to share your travels with family and friends. Being able to track your travels is another great way to know your exact GPS location should you get lost while out in an unknown area.

Improved Accuracy

Travel and location go hand in hand when it comes to learning how to improve location accuracy on your iPhone. Sharing your location with improved accuracy will allow you to be found quicker when you’re out traveling and find yourself lost. Improved location accuracy on your iPhone is a fabulous way to have a more accurate GPS location available to share with others when you find yourself lost and must call for help. An improved location accuracy using iSharing will help you when you’re traveling and want to make sure your location is easily accessible by emergency professionals or people you can trust.

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Freedom to Explore

Last, but not least when it comes to travel and location you’re freer to explore new areas. You won’t be worried about having to jot down landmarks or other information as a means to find your way back from your location. Using location tracking with an app like our iSharing app will give you the freedom to explore new places all the while feeling safe and confident that you know where you are at all times. Being free to explore while traveling because you will help you experience more places than ever before.

These are just some of the reasons why travel and location go hand in hand. When it comes to traveling alone, being able to have an accurate tracking location for people to know where you are at all times will help you feel safe and secure all the while providing you a chance to experience new places and go on an exploration without fear. Men, women and children alike can all stay safe while traveling when it comes to being able to use iSharing to track your location no matter how far away from home you or your kids’ venture.

5 Tips for Parents to Protect Kids from Bullying

When it comes to bullying there’s no one size fits all solution. Kids from all walks of life may get bullied at one point or another in their life. That’s why it’s so important for parents to have tips to protect their kids from bullying. Not only should you learn how to keep your kids safe at school from being bullied, but you should educate your kids about bullying and how they can be certain they don’t bully someone else too.


How do I know if my kids are being bullied?

Some of the telltale signs that a kid is being bullied in school are:

  • Signs of physical harm
  • New anxiety and increased anxiety
  • Reluctant to go to school
  • Loss of interest in things they otherwise love

The signs of bullying will vary with different kids and it could be happening at home, at a friend’s house or your kids school. Today we wanted to share some tips to help parents protect their kids from bullying so that everyone in the family can live a happy life.

Every kid will go through a period in school when they may feel like they’re being bullied and that’s why we wanted to share the tips and signs of bullying.

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5 Tips for Parents to Protect Kids from Bullying

Speak to your Kids School

Keep an open and honest relationship with your kids school system. This will help you know where your kids are and how they’re doing in school. Having open communication with your kids school will help minimize bullying faster.

Talk to Your Kids

The next step for parents to protect kids from bullying is to talk to your kids. You’ll need to keep an open dialogue about what’s happening in school and where your kids are during the time away from you. Making your home a safe place for kid to open up to their parents will help with bullying.

Role Play Responses

Another option for parents to protect kids from bullying is to role play responses to bullying scenarios that may occur in school. This role playing will help teach your kids what to say in the case of bullying. Encourage your kids to speak to a trusted adult or write down what happened.

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Use Location Tracking

It’s always good for parents to know the location of their kids before and after school. Using a location tracker for parents will help parents ease the worry of bullying. This location tracking can be used to know when your kids are in school and where they are when out with friends.

Organize a Playgroup

Try to get your kids to meet peers who are going to be a positive influence in their life. This could mean organizing a community playgroup where your kids have a few neighborhood friends over. This will help blossom healthy relationships so that your kids won’t have to deal with bullying at school.

These are just 5 tips for parents to protect kids from bullying. The list of ideas could go on and on but we wanted to provide you with a reasonable list of ideas. Bullying is happening in all locations around the world, in schools everywhere and to kids from all walks of life. While you may not think bullying is happening to your kids, you won’t ever know unless you use these tips to help keep bullying an open topic with your kids and take the necessary steps to protect your kids from bullying.

Best Tips for Location Tracking for Teens

Teens Raising teenagers is hard enough without all of the added stressors that come with the current world we live in. Teens are now being raised with screens in their faces at all times. With just a few clicks of a button, they can have a ride pick them up and bring them anywhere.


With a few more clicks of a button, they could have food delivered or talk to anyone online. These are scary times for parents of teens, and that’s why we wanted to chat a bit about location tracking for teens today.

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Best Tips for Location Tracking for Teens

Many parents want to know how they can track their teen, while location tracking for teens may be difficult since they’re pretty tech-savvy, it is possible. Our app will help you track your teen at all times, ensuring their safe arrival from Point A to Point B.

Set Rules and Expectations

As soon as you install a location tracking for teens app, it’s important to discuss all of the rules and expectations you have about this new app. You’ll want to make sure your teen knows to keep this app on at all times and where they’re allowed to go or not.

Use Messages

Be sure to use in-app messaging when using location tracking for teens. This is an easy way to make sure that your teen is safe. You can use the location tracking for teens to see where they’re going and speak to them in real-time.

Be Open and Honest

It’s always good to be open and honest with your teen. They’ll have more respect when you let them know that you’ll be using location tracking for teens. Simply inform them that this app is being used within the family to keep everyone safe, and isn’t a reflection of the trust you have or don’t have.

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How can I track my teenager?

Tracking your teenager is as easy as installing a location tracking for teens app on your phone and your teen’s phone. Being able to track your teenager will give you peace of mind and help you strengthen the family bond. While some may think location tracking for teens breaks down the trust between parent and teen, it helps broaden the level of trust you have with each other. Being able to know where your teen is may allow you to extend the areas that you allow your teen to hang out at. This allows your teen to get some space to make healthy mistakes before they head off on their own. This also helps parents remain in control of their underage child before they make a big mistake that could be detrimental to their future.

At the end of the day raising teens is such a difficult part of parenthood. Your child is not yet an adult but they push for the freedom of an adult. One of your jobs as a parent is let go a little bit and that’s why we love that our location tracking for teens gives you that chance. You can let your teen have a curfew and go out with friends all the while feeling more confident that you know where they are and when they left.

While location tracking for teens won’t inform you of what your teen is doing, you can rest easier knowing that they’re in a safe place. If they venture outside of their allowed locations, you can simply send them a message or call them to give them a warning. This is a great way to help advance communication between parents and teens as well as give your teen a bit of freedom. Knowing that you have location tracking for teens in use at all times is a breath of fresh air for all parents of teens.

Are We Finally Getting AR Navigation in Google Maps?

As the global AR market soars towards $70-$75 billion in revenue by 2023 and tech giants such as Apple, Adobe, Facebook invest heavily in augmented reality ideas. How can we expect Google to sit back?


To get ahead in the race, Google announced today that Google Maps has a new ‘Live View’ feature that allows a user to get easy and simple navigation to their destinations.

How do I use ‘Live View’ feature on Google Maps?

To enable the ‘Live View’ feature-

  • Search any location nearby
  • Next, select the ‘Directions’ button
  • Tap on navigating to ‘Walking
  • Finally, tap on ‘Live View.’

However, Google Maps’ latest feature needs Street View’ support in the user area.

In a blogpost, Google explains the ‘Live View’ feature testing process, stating,

The latest feature is still in a beta mode while the stable version is expected to release later this year. But for a tech enthusiast, there are plenty of amazing AR Apps that users can try until Google Maps gets its final version.

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Google Maps Previous Updates

Google Maps was started as a C++ desktop program by the Danish brothers, Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, which was later acquired by Google in October 2004. Since then, Google maps have released new updates on a regular basis.

In the previous month, it added the speeding limit and speed camera alerts. Now, Google Maps has introduced a new feature that will improve SOS alerts by giving a better and more detailed visualizations warnings about earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes.

Google Maps Updated Crisis Alert System

Google Maps most popular feature is Street View, but it also has more useful tools such as SOS alerts that are built to give warnings during a time of crisis.

The Google Maps app was used to inform users at the time of the natural disaster and share news stories related to the event. It also gives emergency phone numbers.

The company elaborated that with the help of a new update, people will see a “crisis notification card” if their area gets hit by a natural disaster. For example, if a hurricane is going to hit your area then a Google Maps warning will give you the storm’s predicted trajectory with the what time it is expected to hit that will help you to react immediately.

In addition, Google Maps users will also be allowed to upload a graphic. Google maps new feature will be released later this summer. Elaborating more about the release date on different platforms, Google stated,

In a country like India, where over 20 percent of global flood-related fatalities occur, Google Maps’ new feature will display flood forecasts to indicate where flooding has taken place and in addition, it will show likely severity in different regions.

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New Updates of Google Maps

Three ways in which Google Maps new updates can help you to get the information quickly:

  • Sharing the live location

With the help of crisis notification cards on Google Maps, users can share live locations with their family and friends for an unlimited time.

  • See and report road blockage

Users can also see road closures by turning on the traffic layer. Users can also share the road closure that they recently encountered with others nearby. You can also confirm whether the road is still blocked or not with just a tap on Android.

  • Share disaster information directly with your loved ones

Keep your family members and friends updated about the recent situation by tapping the share button on the crisis card. Then your loved ones will be redirected to Google Maps where they can see all the relevant crisis information including emergency contact information, summary, visualizations, emergency contact information and much more.

The Google Maps app has made its debut on Android and iOS in 2008 and 2012 respectively and boasts a load of functionality. Since its launch, it has become a must-to-have app for everyone who likes to commute on a daily basis. If these types of helpful updates continue to be released by Google, it will become more difficult for its competitors such as Apple Maps to move ahead with Google Maps.